August 31, 2016

This is the only place in the U.S. where four states -- Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah -- converge.  

This point isn't actually where it should be, however.  If the lines of latitude and longitude that are supposed to mark the state boundaries are followed, the actual convergence point would be a few hundred yards to the northeast of here.  But due to a surveying error back in the 1800s, this is where it was determined that, at that time, these states converge.  Consequently, the boundaries for all four states have been adjusted a bit in this area so they all converge at this point shown by the round marker. So yes, I'm actually standing in New Mexico while taking a picture of the other three states. 

By the way, the booths that you see?  Those are souvenir stands operated by local Navajo Indians.  I bought a magnet here, and a turquoise pendant for my sister.

  • To see my 360-degree panorama photo, click on the photo above.
  • To read about my visit here, see News: August 31, 2016.



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