September 11, 2016

Every country has a "Pole of Inaccessibility," which is the point farthest from any ocean coastline.  The oceans that border the United States include the Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico and Arctic Ocean and the resulting Pole of Inaccessibility is on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation of southwestern South Dakota.  

As I discovered, the Pole is exactly that:  pretty inaccessible.  Using my hand-held Garmin GPS, I drove on several dirt roads near the town of Allen, South Dakota and, with the help of some locals, finally found it -- or I should say, got to it as close as possible (about a half-mile away) considering that it's on private property.

  • To see my 360-degree panorama photo, click on the photo above. 
  • To read about my visit here, see News: September 11, 2016. 



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