I haven't posted a "real" update since May 2017 but I'm now back home in Portland and am doing some computer mapping work, when I'm not fixing up my house or working on archiving my family's history.

Speaking of that, I just added a new section of my website called An Everlasting Love.  Last summer I began writing a biography of my parents, who died many years ago after being married for 55 wonderful years and raising five kids.  When I started working on their biography last summer, I figured I'd write only 10 pages or so.  But I kept thinking of stories to add so now it's up to 240 pages – and I'm still writing! 

I decided to share some excerpts of their biography on my website, so I just posted my first entry, called A Roatan Odyssey.  It's a true story about my parent's adventures on the island of Roatan off Honduras in the 1960s and an interesting character they met there (something like an "Indiana Jones" figure) and his gracious, spirited and resilient wife, who my Mom befriended.  I'll be posting more excerpts from my parents' biography during the coming months and years as I continue to work on it, so stay tuned! 



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