On this page I'm posting comments about (and for) Doti from those who knew her.  If you'd like me to post anything on this page, please send me an email (Contact Me).  Feel free to send stories, photos, poems or anything else.  Unless desired otherwise, I don't include last names on this page because I want to respect people's privacy.


You were a breeze
Kissing a field of daisies
Too gentle to dislodge
A single petal

You were a raindrop
On the tip of my nose
Clear as a tear

You were a cloud
Wispy around the edges
Meant for the horizon
Where the light is most blue

From Julie Candoli (Austin, Texas)

Shortly after Doti passed away, I received a condolence card from a friend of hers in Sudden Valley.  What really touched me was that I didn't even know this person.  Nevertheless, she wanted to share her thoughts about Doti with me.  I was so moved that I decided to post an excerpt here:

I had met Doti through a friend several years ago.  Though I didn't have direct friendship with her, we would run into each other around Sudden Valley a lot.  

Doti was such an intelligent and warm person.  She was genuinely kind to us.  She never failed to remember (even pronounce correctly) our names.  She was always interested in our lives, especially in our daughter's school and activities. She certainly loved children.  We had many wonderful conversations.  

I would like you to know that we will miss her greatly.  She had such warmth and kindness that shined through her.

From Raique I. (Bellingham, Washington) 



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