On Her Own in Lincoln City  (Age 45 - 53 years) 

After Myles' passing and then her divorce to Llorne four years later, the 1980s had been tumultuous at times for Doti.  She loved living in Lincoln City, though, and cherished the many friends and young students she'd known there.  

I moved to Portland in 1990 and got a job with an engineering firm there, so I was close by, and that same year her/our parents bought a house near Bellingham, Washington in a community called Sudden Valley.  So by the early 1990s, her life had become a little more settled.  

During the 1990s, Doti, I and our parents spent virtually every Christmas and Thanksgiving together, either in Lincoln City or Sudden Valley.  We also had numerous family reunions in Sudden Valley, as well, which were attended by dozens of relatives, often including her other brothers.  They were happy times, among the happiest of my life and for Doti, as well.



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