Growing Up  (Age 1 month - 18 years) 

Doti was born in Fort Pierce, Florida during World War II and lived there for two months, then moved with her Mom to Bismarck, North Dakota while her father, Don, was overseas in China.  After the war, Don returned to the U.S. and the Leu family moved to Bellingham, Washington, where Don resumed his studies at Western Washington College.  The three of them lived in a boarding house on High Street in Bellingham with members of the Western's football team living on the floor above them.  Doti's first memory, at 12 months old, was playing with members of the football team in the front yard.

After Don graduated from Western in 1947 with a B.A. in Education, the family moved to southern Washington, where Don was hired as a teacher and principal at the Stevenson elementary school.  A few years later, the growing Leu family, which now included her brothers Don and Dave, moved east to New York, where Don studied for his doctorate at Columbia University.  

Don graduated from Columbia in 1953 and was offered a position at Michigan State University in East Lansing, so the Leus packed their bags once again and this time moved to Michigan.  They would remain in Michigan until 1968. 



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