Length:  328 feet

Beam:  50 feet

Displacement:  1625 tons

Load Capacity:  2100 tons (approx.. 20 Sherman tanks on the Tank Deck and 30 trucks/jeeps on the Main Deck)

Draft (unloaded):  3’-4” (bow)  7’-6” (stern)

Draft (loaded):  8’-2” (bow)  14’-1” (stern)

Speed:  11.6 knots max, 9 knots cruising

Range:  24,000 miles at 9 knots

Complement:  13 officers, 104 enlisted men

Troop Accommodations:  16 officers, 147 enlisted men

Boats:  2 LCVPs

Armament:  2 Twin 40mm Guns, 4 Single 40mm guns, 12 single 20mm guns

Fuel Capacity:  4,300 barrels of diesel

Propulsion:  Two 900 HP diesel engines, two propellers



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