My parents, Don and Anne Leu, passed away many years ago after 55 wonderful years of marriage while raising five kids, including me, their youngest.  Given my Dad's irrepressible sense of adventure, they lived the most fascinating and inspiring lives of almost anyone I've ever known. 

Growing up poor during the Great Depression of the 1930s, they met and married during World War II, then after my Dad returned from overseas while serving in the Navy, they had a happy and successful life together while taking us kids on places we never dreamed of.  Theirs was the classic "Greatest Generation" story and, although they probably wouldn't have admitted it given their humble nature, they were inspiring role models for me and my siblings.  

In the summer of 2018, I decided to write a short biography about their lives, not to publish but just as a keepsake for my family members to keep their stories alive.  Initially I was going to write only 10 pages but I kept thinking about stories that I wanted to share, so 10 pages soon turned to 20, then 20 pages turned to 50, and now I'm up to 240 pages (and am still writing).  I'm calling the biography "An Everlasting Love" and over the following months and years, I plan to post selected excerpts of it in this section as I complete them, so check back soon.  I hope you enjoy it!

Above:  My parents' wedding photo in Palm Beach, Florida in 1944.



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