Like most Americans, I love our National Parks.  Having grown up in an outdoorsy family, I always wanted to be a National Park ranger and when I was in college, I applied for a seasonal job with the Park Service.  I didn't get the job so I "settled" for being a BLM ranger in the Colorado Rockies, instead.  Actually as things turned out, I'm really glad I became a BLM ranger instead of working for the National Park Service because I had more freedom and independence, and yet I worked in an area, the San Juan Mountains, that was more beautiful than any National Park in the country, in my opinion.  I spent six seasons (summers and falls) as a BLM ranger and loved it.

Nevertheless, I've always been fond of National Parks and during my lifetime, I've visited about half of the 411 National Park units in the country (National Parks, National Monuments, National Historic Sites, etc.).  Yep, I've been to about 200 of them. Whenever I take a road trip, if there's a National Park unit nearby, I usually make a detour to check it out, especially if I've never been there.  

I'll be visiting a lot of National Park sites on my road trip this year, the 100-year anniversary of the National Park Service, and will post a short story and a few photos of each one on this webpage.  For now though, I'll just make a list of the parks I've visited so far.  

Red text indicates my first visit to the park:






New Mexico




South Dakota


New York







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