The Geographic Center of the 50 States, near Belle Fourche, South Dakota  September 12, 2016

When Alaska and Hawaii were added to the Union in 1959, the Geographic Center of the United States shifted northwest, from a point near Lebanon Kansas to a location near Belle Fourche, South Dakota (pronounced "Bell Foosh").  Of course, adding those two states irritated the Lebanonites to no end but put a smile on the face of every Belle Fourchian.  

The marker lies about twenty miles north of Belle Fourche on U.S. Highway 85 and then seven miles down a dusty, dirt road.  A U.S. flag marks the general location, though the exact point is about 15 feet away and is indicated with a metal survey marker embedded in concrete.  It's a nice little place and I highly recommend it -- unless you're from Lebanon.

  • To see my 360-degree panorama photo, click here.